3 Ways to Use Customer and Prospect Email Addresses to Make More Sales

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Adam Bensman – Development Coach at The Roof Strategist


make more salesLet’s face it. People don’t always answer the phone. In fact, many people never answer the phone. They do nearly all their communication through text or email. Collecting the email address of every prospect and customer gives you permission to contact them.

People may ignore calls and voicemails, but emails go right to their phone in their front pocket and checked by social compulsion.

Best part is, you build your database of customer contact info for any current or future marketing needs. Here are 3 ways to use customer and prospect email addresses to make more sales.

  • 1. Re-target prospect’s you didn’t close. Phone call follow ups are extremely important. If you pair email follow ups your chance of reaching that prospect increase dramatically.
  • 2. Upsell opportunities and special offers. Direct mail is expensive. Email is not. As your database grows so does your possibility to market to your past customers and prospects with “Customer Loyalty” discounts, new product releases, or other special offers.
  • 3. Future storm damage response. Let’s say you do 300 homes in Phoenix, Arizona. Two years later Phoenix gets hit again. With the click of a button you get in the email box of all your past prospects and customers. Direct mail is great, but it can’t touch the price and timeliness of email.

The easiest way to start collecting email addresses from your prospects is to ask every call in lead for their email address before collecting any other information. The easiest way to collect the email address from your customers is to add it to your contingency agreements or contracts.

The biggest object we hear is, “Why do you need my email? I don’t want to give it to you.” This is simple to overcome. Try the following script.

“We use your email address for your convenience. We do not sell or distribute our email lists. We know you’re busy and we’ve found that email is a great way to communicate details regarding appointments and so on. What’s the best email address where we can contact you?”

Now that have the tools and know-how to start collecting email addresses it’s time to start making some money with that list. If you’re looking to put this free data to use and start making more sales then we need to talk.

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