Are You Wasting Your Marketing Dollars?

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Adam Bensman – Development Coach at The Roof Strategist

I recently discussed marketing strategy with the owner of a small roofing and storm restoration business. He was about to spend $9,000 on SEO (search engine optimization) over the next 12 months. Woah!

waisting marketing dollars

Let’s take a step back for a minute. Many roofing and storm restoration companies have a “shoot from the hip” approach when it comes to marketing. “Let’s throw some money at this and see what happens!” This mentality ends up costing owners a ton of money and missed opportunity.

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The input (cost) should have a calculated or projected output (revenue). If you put $X towards a marketing strategy (input), the revenue (output) should be $Y. Obviously the main goal is to get the greatest return on the lowest investment, right?

Does $9,000.00 on SEO seem like a good idea? How much revenue will increasing your organic search placement really produce? The SEO investment would take 3 to 9 jobs to break even. Can you think of a more effective way to spend (input) $9,000 that would yield much greater revenue (output)?

Consider a much more targeted effort such as direct mail to a specific neighborhood you want to hit. What about a referral program to leverage all your current and past customers?Telemarketing? Developing a canvassing team? Gettingtraining for your sales team?

The roofing and storm restoration industry is “boots to the ground” business. You don’t need a huge “brand” to do well. In fact, many national contractors don’t have a presence at all in a storm market until they arrive! To dominate a storm you must focus on your target market. Don’t blast mailers across the entire city or invest tons of money into SEO. Instead, identify who your ideal customer is and where do they live? How can you target your marketing efforts in those specific areas and targeted to those specific people?

To survive and thrive in this industry we want to workneighborhoods, not cities. The more targeted your marketing, the more market presence you gain, the more referrals and call-ins you get.

Next time you review a marketing proposal, consider how great the input is and build a projection for the output. Is it worth it? Does it hit your target market in your target neighborhood? Is there a more effective investment you could make? Click the button below to download our guide on “3 Cost-Effective Tips To Be Ready For The Next Storm” so you aren’t missing leads or losing money!