Are Your Daily Operations Losing You Money?

Friday, August 28th, 2015

Adam Bensman – Development Coach at The Roof Strategist

The roofing and storm restoration industry is fast paced, competitive, and adrenaline filled. Time is money, and at the end of the day we’re all wishing we had “just another 8 hours of the day” to get it all done. With how much needs to get done in such a short season we get swamped, fast. That means for every minute we spending accomplishing “X”, we are ignoring attending to “Y”.

daily operations losing money

What happens if “X” takes up most of your time, but “Y” earns you the most money? It’s called missed opportunity cost. Guess what? Your daily operations likely include tremendous missed opportunity cost.

Ever spend way too much time with your lowest producing salesperson? Trying to work on training, troubleshoot, fix wrong orders and so on? Each minute you spend there takes time away from generating new business, building relationships, getting referrals, and investing time with your team. That’s not to say you shouldn’t help your team, it’s simply to shed some light on how important it is to manage our actions.

What’s amazing is how much a contractor can increase his revenue by simply adjusting his operations. Most owners think the only way to grow is to hire. That thinking is wrong. If you streamline your business operations with the right systems, processes, and strategy you can immediately increase your efficiency, effectiveness, and time. The result?More revenue in less time. This also helps set you up for growth.

Take a few minutes and examine your daily and weekly regimen. What and where are you spending your most time? What should you be doing? Is there a way to delegate some of the low-value, highly time consuming tasks to someone else? What would you change about your business operations to free up your time so you can turn that missed opportunity into a maximized opportunity?

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