How to Maximize Your 4th Quarter Leads

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Adam Bensman – Development Coach at The Roof Strategist

maximize 4th quarter leadsNearly all the roofing companies we work with have their strongest push in the 4th quarter. Homeowners feel the pressures of colder weather, and the Holidays looming. It’s time to start making some decisions and tackle the roofing, siding, or gutter projects that have been pushed off.

Even though the 4th quarter seems to naturally be very busy, how can you maximize the opportunity to end the year as strong as possible? Get more leads! Is your marketing message timely, relevant, and have a strong call to action? No matter if you’re marketing online, with direct mailers, door hangers, pay-per-click, or word of mouth, the language you use to drum up business will either hurt you or send your sales through the roof.

What is it mean to have a marketing message that is timely, relevant, and has a strong call to action? Timely, for the roofing industry, means seasonal. Referencing the pending snow fall, cold weather, or rainy season can trigger an emotional response and sense of urgency to start making some decisions on getting those projects done, now!

Having a relevant message is equally important. How does this relate to me? The more you can connect with your prospects needs and desires the more likely they are to call you. Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and ask yourself what they may be thinking about in their personal life from September – November? Is it kids going back to school? Halloween? Thanksgiving? Christmas shopping?

Make sure you have a strong call to action. What is a call to action? An instruction to your prospect to take immediate action to call and set an appointment. Call today for (INSERT OFFER)! Give them a reason to genuinely want to call you! Leaving this message out will be catastrophic to your marketing success.

As you prepare your marketing efforts to maximize your Q4 revenue make sure your message is timely, relevant, and has a strong call to action and you’ll capture even more leads, make more sales, and set yourself up with a pipeline of jobs for the spring.

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