You Are Wasting Every Single Inbound Lead

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Adam Bensman – Development Coach at The Roof Strategist –

A phone call comes into the office. The prospect says, “Hi, I’d like to have someone come out and check out my roof?” Your company representative responds, “Certainly! Let me take your name, number and someone will call you back to set an appointment.” Sound familiar?

wasting inbound leads


Guess what. You’re wasting your leads. Each time a prospect has to get a call back, the chances of that appointmentactually being set reduces dramatically. Chances are, the prospect doesn’t answer the phone on the call back. The salesperson leaves a voicemail and fails to follow up repeatedly to make contact.

Worse yet, chances are the prospect kept calling until they could set an appointment with a different contractor. Let’s face it. We live in an era of instant gratification. People want to scratch things off the “to-do list” right now.

Here’s a good analogy. You call a barber to make an appointment for a haircut. The barber answers the phone and says, “I can surely make an appointment for you. Let me call you back within 24 hours to set it up.” What do you do? Obviously you’d keep calling until you could set an appointment.

Our actions speak much louder than our words. If a prospect calls you they are saying, “Hi, I’d like the opportunity to give you thousands of dollars.” If you offer a call back you are saying, “Thanks! I’m pretty disorganized and busy right now. How about I have someone call you back later when it’s more convenient?”

Not only is this method widely used and somehow acceptable for the roofing and storm restoration industry, but it costs you tons of money! You will certainly lose leads and decrease the closing ratio of your sales team. Starting off on the right foot with great service by setting the appointment on the inbound call sets your sales teams up for success.

This isn’t just theory, we’ve witnessed it with multiple companies across the country. Setting appointments on the initial call will increase your closing ratio and the conversion of calls to leads. If you’re using the callback method, STOP today and start setting those appointments!

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