Your Roofing Company Is Losing Money On Phone Calls

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Adam Bensman – Development Coach at The Roof Strategist

Remember the last time you called a company and the person who answered the phone wasn’t necessarily… well… the best on the phone? What did you do? Did you buy from them or not?

Now try and remember a time you called up a company and the receptionist was knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Put both companies side by side and compare your next interaction with each of them. How did your first impression impact how you felt about the potential to do business?

losing money on phone calls

Click here to download our Phone Etiquette guide. 

Believe it or not the sale starts with the initial phone call. Many times this is an inbound lead (office call in) where someone from your company answers the phone to field questions, set appointments, and direct calls. Most companies don’t give this position as a second thought. “Heck, any office admin can answer a phone” is what people think. WRONG!

Most companies we’ve worked with have blown lead after lead because of un-trained or improper talent working their phones. Every time the phone rings the cash register goes cha-ching. Each phone call can be calculated to the cost it took for the phone to ring.

As a business owner I bet you want as many of those phone calls converted into appointments and closed sales. To do so, you have to have quality customer service on the phone. Otherwise, you’re wasting money not only on your calls, but all the missed opportunity of converting them into customers!

Don’t make the mistake that most roofing companies make.Train your phone fielding staff to be friendly, well informed, sympathetic, and set appointments while on the phone!

At MailStorm, we provide most marketing material with a unique call-tracking and call-recording phone number. This allows you to listen to all your calls as well as identify which lead sources are working. You get a clear insight into your return on investment as well as a first hand experience of your inbound callers.

Use this information to train your staff right and set the stage for a pleasant process to get your prospects to buy. For more information, download our Phone Etiquette guide below to learn the best conversations your staff can use each and every day.

phone etiquette guide